Jowita Dejewska

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland.

Her professional career began at the Department of Dermatology, at Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, where she is employed as a senior assistant. She revieved the second degree specialization of Dermatology in 2007.

Currently Med.Dr. Jowita Delejwska is working on a doctoral dissertation on atopic dermatitis at children. For many years a member of the Polish Society of Dermatology, takes part in many conferences and trainings in area of dermatology. She is the author of numerous articles and reviews in the field of atopy.

Med.Dr. Jowita Delejwska is engaged in clinical dermatology, dermo-surgery and aesthetic medicine and laser therapy. She speak fluent English, well - German, basic – Spanish, Russian and Finnish.

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